Company Profile

Phenex Pharmaceuticals AG, founded in 2002, is a privately held drug discovery company based in the Biotech Cluster Rhine-Neckar in the southwest of Germany with laboratories & offices in Ludwigshafen & Heidelberg.

The company focuses on small-molecule drug discovery with a special emphasis on the target class of nuclear receptors. As they integrate different intra- and extracellular signals to initiate and regulate gene expression programs, nuclear receptors are of major importance for the body's homeostasis.

This key role in a wide variety of signaling pathways qualifies them as important pharmacological targets. Nuclear receptor modulating drugs account for about 10% revenues of the total ethical drug market, applied in different indications, such as hormone replacement therapy, women's health, inflammation, diabetes, cancer and dermatology.

Proprietary Drug Discovery Programs

We aim to utilize our special know how & technology platform to develop novel innovative therapies for indications with a high unmet medical need and a significant market potential. Our business goal is to partner such programs for further clinical development after preclinical and clinical proof-of-concept studies.