Phenex has many years of experience in nuclear receptor research. We have established assays for nearly every human nuclear receptor where a ligand is available in different assay formats. We offer our capabilities in nuclear receptor assays and compound profiling for this target class to customers in the pharmaceutical industry through collaborations, ranging from contract screening services up to integrated research partnerships. You will find in Phenex a reliable drug discovery partner that supports a range of leading pharmaceutical companies from Europe, Japan and Northern America.

Further information on our offering:

  • NR Screening Services: 29 human nuclear receptors – the worldwide largest collection of cellular and biochemical nuclear receptor assays.
  • NR Selectivity Screening: pre-defined panels for target selectivity checks
  • SNuRM® Profiling: classification of compounds according to their cofactor recruitment and selective gene induction capabilities

In Japan, Phenex services are distributed by CTC Life Science Corporation
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