Pre-defined panels for target selectivity checks

We can test your drug candidates for selectivity amongst Nuclear Receptors

We can test your compounds with metabolic effect but unknown target whether they influence activity of any Nuclear Receptor.

We can screen your chemicals for potential endocrine disrupting activity at all relevant Steroid and other Nuclear Receptors.

Phenex has established 51 Nuclear Receptor cellular reporter assays, the largest battery of Nuclear Receptor assays you find worldwide. The assays can be run in agonist and antagonist mode. As a result of a service project we deliver 11 point dose response curves including EC50/IC50 determination and efficacy calculation for all customer compounds in comparison to a reference compound as well as an overview matrix, showing efficacy and potency of all compounds tested.

example of a project result table

Customers can choose between the following predefined standard panels:

  • Full Phenex panel (26 Nuclear Receptors, cellular assays)
  • Selectivity Overview panel (17 Nuclear Receptors, cellular assays)

Please ask for a quotation for your particular need.