Phenex is a key employer of technical staff, junior and senior scientists that want to make a change in the way drug discovery is performed. Our teams consist of highly qualified technicians, chemists, biologists, biochemists and scientists from other disciplines such as pharmacology or regulatory affairs. Next to the scientific staff we want to expand our team with motivated individuals from other disciplines such as scientific marketing, business development, etc.

Job postings: currently none

We encourage you to send your unsolicited application to

Enquiries for internships:
We have very limited capacities for internships. Typically, we can provide internship positions for only one student at a time and for 2-3 students over the year. We can only accept applications from students who have already gained experience in practical lab work including cell culture work, protein purification, biochemical assays etc. So, if you plan for an internship for a minimum of 12 weeks and are prepared to come back for some paid for part time work ("HiWi" work) thereafter, send your internship application to