Phenex R&D Programs


We focused recently on two proprietary R&D programs that target nuclear receptors which have emerged as very promising approaches for the treatment of liver diseases (FXR) or chronic inflammatory / autoimmune diseases (RORγt).

Both programs are successfully partnered with market-leading companies in the respective disease areas. The RORγt program was licensed in December 2012 to Janssen Biotech, the FXR program sold in December 2014 to Gilead Sciences.

The programs are currently pushed forward by our pharma partners. Phenex will benefit from the further progress within these programs by substantial milestone payments and royalties.

While Phenex still assists its partners in the further development of the identified candidate molecules, it pursues further new discovery programs in the field of liver, gastrointestinal diseases and cancer:

  • LXR inverse agonist program for the treatment of NAFLD/NASH.
  • Aryl hydrocarbon receptor program.
  • Cancer Metabolism program.