RE-PheX complements PheneX offering for Nuclear Receptor Research assets

Ludwigshafen, Germany, December 3rd, 2003

PheneX Pharmaceuticals AG today launched RE-PheXÔ, a novel software tool that enables scientists to mine the human genome for control elements of certain transcription factors, in particular Nuclear Receptors. RE-PheXÔ is available from PheneX AG ( in different forms of licenses. The software comes as a easy-to-install CD-ROM with the respective program and human genome database and runs on every standard desktop PC. Regular updates of genome sequences and software features will be provided.

“RE-PheXÔ is a very valuable tool for the in silico prediction of response genes which are regulated by a given transcription factor”, explains Dr. Ulrich Deuschle, VP of Research Biology at PheneX AG. “Within our research projects on different Nuclear Receptors we wanted to mine the human genome for all genes which are controlled by a given Nuclear Receptor. Nuclear Receptors are a special subclass of ligand-controlled transcription factors and valuable drug targets. If you want to understand the physiology of a given Nuclear Receptor and even more the pharmacology of a drug that targets this NR, it is highly desirable to identify all genes which are controlled by this particular receptor. Nuclear Receptors have the advantage that the bind to well-defined distinct response elements (REs) in gene promoter regions. Therefore, it was a logical step to develop a software piece that automatizes the algorithmic search for these response elements for the entire human and other genomes (Response Element analysis from PheneX = “RE-PheX”). But this search is not restricted to Nuclear Receptors, basically it works for every transcription factor with a disting sequence recognition motif,” continues Dr. Deuschle.

Dr. Claus Kremoser, CEO of PheneX comments: “We regard RE-PheXÔ as a very useful stand-alone software tool for everyone engaged in the analysis of transcription factors. In addition it nicely complements our Nuclear Receptor Resource (NRRÔ), a unique clone and assay collection which encompasses more than 3000 recombinant DNA constructs. NRRÔ is the basis for our offering of fee-for-service projects to the pharma and biotech industry in the field of Nuclear Receptor Research. We can provide screening assays, recombinant proteins and other tools as well as service projects such as compound cofactor profiling or compound Nuclear Receptor selectivity profiling. We believe that RE-PheXÔ will not only generate revenues for PheneX but even more will strengthen our reputation as an innovative and reliable research partner in the Nuclear Receptor field.”


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