PheneX is tasked to profile novel Roche compounds using the SNuRM Technology

Ludwigshafen, Germany, June 16th, 2003

„We are very pleased and proud that Roche has chosen us as collaboration partner for this sophisticated task”
– Dr. Claus Kremoser –
CEO of Phenex AG

PheneX Pharmaceuticals AG, a privately owned Nuclear Receptor drug discovery company in Heidelberg, Germany, today announced the closing of a significant research collaboration with F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd. in Basel, Switzerland. PheneX will use its SNuRM technology platform to profile novel drug candidates from Roche on a specific undisclosed Nuclear Receptor. The agreement includes an option to expand the collaboration when certain milestones of this research collaboration will be met. Financial details have not been disclosed.

„We are very pleased and proud that Roche has chosen us as collaboration partner for this sophisticated task”, comments Dr. Claus Kremoser, CEO of PheneX AG. “With Roche we have found a partner which is highly reputable for its drug discovery research and therefore provides a cachet to our SNuRM technology. Moreover, this significant deal reinforces the financial basis for our business. We are committed to find further high level collaboration partners within the next few months to further strengthen our business and to enable us to continue our own drug discovery program in parallel.”

PheneX Pharmaceuticals AG was founded by six former senior scientists and executives from the drug discovery unit of LION bioscience AG together with Prof. Dr. Günther Schütz from the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) in Heidelberg. The company focusses on the identification and analysis of novel selective drug candidates that target Nuclear

Receptors using its SNuRM technology (= selective Nuclear Receptor Modulators = SNuRMs). Currently, PheneX is solely owned and financed by its founders and generates revenues through research collaborations with international partners from the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

The SNuRM -Technology combines automated protein interaction analysis with Nuclear Receptor specific gene expression analysis. Nuclear Receptors are generally known as excellent drug targets. With some Nuclear Receptors the striking phenomenon can be observed that the same ligand at the same receptor can be stimulatory as well as inhibitory, depending on the chemical nature of the ligand and the tissue environment. Classical Nuclear Receptor targetted drugs tend to yield a good efficacy for their main indication at the cost of potentially severe adverse effects (e.g. estradiol for hormone replacement therapy or cortisol as an antiinflammatory glucocorticoid). PheneX,SNuRM – Technology analyses the molecular effects of different compounds at the targetted Nuclear Receptor and thereby contributes important information to the design of novel selective drugs with much less adverse effects.


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About Phenex Pharmaceuticals AG

Phenex is a privately held drug discovery and development company headquartered in Heidelberg. The biopharmaceutical company can now build on nineteen years of expertise in exploring and defining innovative, potent and selective new drug candidates from small molecules. Phenex´s R&D activities are centered around diseases of liver such as NASH and cancer.